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Sep 2012

Welcome to the home of Dr & Mrs. Trapp

 welcoming sign....

Approximately 50 PSST members gathered at the resaca-side estate of Enrique and Hedda Trapp in Brownsville. The hosts were aided by their three adult children, all of whom provided a fantastic meeting. The first notable element was the long driveway leading from the street to the house—it is completely lined by enormous Australian pine trees interspersed with many palm trees. In fact the entire property is surrounded by Australian pines and palms which were personally planted by Dr. Trapp in the 1970’s. The yard along the resaca is also filled with palm trees and other tropical plants. The Trapps provided a delicious Mexican buffet luncheon, and members brought a huge array of salads and desserts.

After everyone was well filled with the wonderful food, a short business meeting was conducted by chairman, Jon Watson, and the other officers. The highlight of the rest of the afternoon consisted of the fall auction. Members were able to purchase lots of palms and tropicals at reasonable prices—to say the least, the auction was a tremendous success. After more tours of the yard, members began their journey home, many of them happy with their plant purchases.

The next meeting will be held on October 20 at the home of Debbie Bick and Frank Raffaeli in Austin.

palmy side yard

palms amongst the pines

Romeo and host

three amigos...

lond drive...

Chairman Jon and the plant auction

we will see you next time...

Our next meeting will be in Austin on 20 Oct, 2012. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting summary by John Dillard, pictures by Ed Ladd and web page by John Volk.

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