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24 Sep 2011

Welcome to Lauran Serafy of Brownsville

A welcoming path to the backyard

Another new venue awaited the approximately 65-70 PSST members, guests, and neighbors who attended the September 24 meeting at the beautiful home of Lauran Serafy in Brownsville. Her front and back yards are landscaped in a very spectacular manner—everyone was fascinated with the one back garden filled with dozens of hummingbirds and butterflies. A delicious catered Mexican lunch with at least a dozen different food selections was served on the patio. Although the temperature was very hot and there was little breeze, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal and accompanying refreshments and dessert.

After a very brief business meeting, the annual fall auction got underway with Darryl Smith acting as auctioneer. A considerable amount of money was added to the PSST treasury after some “hot” bidding action. Friends of Lauran’s, Stan and Annette Crockett of Bayview Farms, generously donated 20 grapefruit trees and 20 navel orange trees for the auction. Also during the meeting, Guille Galonsky of Brownsville volunteered to host the December meeting/Christmas party at her home.

With tours of the yard completed, many members sat around the swimming pool and visited before beginning their trip home—many with beautiful plants from the auction. The next PSST meeting will be held at the new home of John Volk in San Antonio on October 22.

open back yard

refreshing pool

 ample sitting area...

 finishing up lunch

 catching some shade

 Linn and John taking a breather...

 relaxing after the meal

 enjoy the shade by the pool

 Posing with the palms for auction...

 We'll see you next month...

Our next meeting will be in San Antonio on 22 Oct 11. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting summary by John Dillard, pictures by Ed Ladd and web page by John Volk.

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