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September 2004, Meeting at Alice and Mahandran's In Browsville

Welcome to Alice Garza and Mahandran Rajasuriar's garden

 A view of the garden from a far...  (picture by Ed Ladd) (14132 bytes)


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 this path looks like it's in some jungle (picture by Mary Barkkari) (14132 bytes)

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Members started arriving around 12 noon for this months meeting. Many of the members that had previously been to Alice and Mahandran's garden were very impressed with the way the garden has matured and become so much more tropical since the last meeting here. Members toured the grounds and discussed the various palms in their collection prior to our traditional social luncheon. When it came time to eat, everyone was ready for the feast. After the pleasant meal and a bit of relaxation time it was time for one of our famous auctions. This month Paul Crerar (Mid-Valley Gardens & Ponds) volunteered to be the auctioneer. Between Pauls auctioning skills and the gracious donations and bids of the society members, we once again garnered a tidy sum for our society. After the auction was completed, members enjoyed socializing and touring the grounds a bit more before heading back home.

 a peaceful setting (picture by Mary Barkkari)(14132 bytes)

another tropical looking area (picture by Mary Barkkari)(14132 bytes)

Below you can enjoy some of the pictures taken at the meeting. Hope you enjoy them.

 Romeo discribes an item. (picture by Ed Ladd)(14132 bytes)

 buyers awaiting to make their move... (picture by Ed Ladd)(14132 bytes)

 Paul steps in to conduct the auction (picture by Ed Ladd)(14132 bytes)

Members discussing various palm issues (picture by Ed Ladd)(14132 bytes)

 tall queens in the garden (picture by Ed Ladd)(14132 bytes)

Members listen to Alice as she speaks about her garden (picture by Mary Barkkari)(14132 bytes)

 tall queens in the garden (picture by Ed Ladd)(14132 bytes)

tropical look (picture by Ed Ladd)(14132 bytes)

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