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September 2003, Meeting in Martindale

John & Cynthia Tolbert's

John's Sabal forest... (14132 bytes)

John grew all of these sabals from seed....

Sabals line the drive(15069 bytes)

Nice grouping of plants (15069 bytes)

Around 12 noon, PSST members started arriving at John and Cynthia's home in Martindale along the San Marcos river. Here we all enjoyed socializing with each other, and enjoyed viewing and talking about John's palms and plants. John has extensively planted Sabal mexicana palms throughout the property. Those nearest the house have grown considerably over the 12 years since being sown from seed. John has even planted many of these Sabals along the river bank of the San Marcos. Naturally as all of these palms mature and start reproducing like Sabals do, John and Cynthia will have a true Sabal forest. Personally, I think this is a great thing, the Sabal in my humble opinion is one palm that should be used more extensively here in south central Texas.

Wes and others getting their grub on (15069 bytes)

Eating on the patio (15069 bytes)

John and Cynthia treated all to a great Texas BBQ lunch with generous portions of brisket, sausage and chicken, along with all of the 'fixins'. Once we all finished eating, we had a quick society meeting covering the treasury report given by John Dillard, as well as talking about the calendar that we are producing for 2004. We have decided to press forward with the project and hope to have the calendars in hand for the Christmas party at Ruth's house. Landon Lockett spoke briefly on the Brazoria Sabal palm and the fact that a noted botanist is still in the process of researching the fact of whether or not this palm is its own species within the Sabal family. Landon also brought about a thousand fresh seeds to be distributed out to the members attending the meeting. Lastly we discussed the issue of IPS directors elections that will be forth coming in January 2004. Our own Bill Baker holds a directors chair at present and he is up for re-election. We encourage all IPS members to vote when the ballots are sent to you and supporting Bill gives PSST a voice on the international palm scene.

Stiking coral vine around rustic gate (15069 bytes)

Beautiful sabal palms (15069 bytes)

a beautiful tropical view... (15069 bytes)

Garden shot from a distance (15069 bytes)

Meeting summary and photos by John Volk.


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