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22 Oct 2011

Welcome to the Volk's in San Antonio

 a grouping of young palms, plants and yuccas

On Oct 22 the society headed to San Antonio to see the new home and garden of John and Yong Volk. Their son Blake also attended and helped host the nearly 30 society members that made the meeting. Per the norm, most members arrived around high noon and the social hour began, as members toured the garden while visiting with one another. As it turned out we had a few members that called in to let us know they were running late due to traffic issues, so it was decided upon to delay the luncheon by 30 minutes to let the others arrive. Around 1pm lunch was served with brisket, BBQ beans, salads and all the various other side dishes & desserts that were brought to the meeting. After everyone had their fill, it was time for a society meeting. During the meeting a treasury report was read, along with future expenses. Additionally we spoke about needing articles for the bulletin and members were highly encouraged to write up there experiences with this years unusual weather!

After the brief business meeting, Jv took members around the yard and relayed stories regarding the palms acquisition and/or how they fared through the harsh winter and scorching summer we had. With the tour of the yard complete, some members sat around visited before beginning their trip home.

 initial folks arriving in the yard

 one of the larger sabals

 large Yucca Rostrata in the corner

 small grouping of plants in the yard

 Jv tells a palm story

 Father Leo and Darryl share their plam experience

 members touring the yard

 Matt, Jim and Tony from Big D

 sidewalk pathways lead to the front yard

 sun beaten trachycarpus struggles on

 angled sabal in an attempt to get a curved trunk

 Jim Wier with his pup

A group picture....

Our next meeting will be in Brownsville on 12 Nov 11. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting summary by John Volk, pictures by Louis Forrai & Ed Ladd and web page by John Volk.

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