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16 Oct 2010

Daryl Smith in Corpus Christi

Welcome sign....

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Daryl coming to say hello

Two wonderful lines of Royal palms

sky rocketing fishtail palms

Blake Volk adds scale to the bismarkia

livistona details

shade spot to rest

Per the norm, members started arriving around noon and quickly became amazed with the transformation of Daryl's garden. Since we last visited the garden, Daryl has done a ton of work and has completely changed the way his yard looks. All of palms that Daryl has acquired over the past few years have really grown well, even exceptionally!

Soon lunch was served and the members enjoyed the wonderfully prepared meal. As always there was a lot of side dishes and desserts brought by members to compliment the meal. After the meal we had a very quick society meeting hosted by our Chairman Jon Watson. We covered up coming meetings and future activities of the society. Dates for the 2011 meetings are being snatched up so if you're still interested in hosting a meeting next year, please contact one of our officers. After the meeting was concluded, Daryl provided a guided tour of his yard and the various ways he's tried growing palms as well as harvesting rain water.

tropical vine blooming

phoenix and bismarkias give a nice tropical view

members lining up for lunch

getting to the food

looking up at a bismarkia...

Our next meeting will be in Bayview on 20 Nov 10. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Photos, meeting summary & web page by John Volk.

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