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Oct 2005, Meeting at Jack and Linn's in Bay View


Jack and Linn (picture by Ed Ladd)

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This month our society met up in Bay View at Jack and Linn Keller's home and garden. The meeting was co-hosted by Rod and Donna Patten. Jack and Linn's property sits on a beautiful resaca lot near the Texas coast. Jack and Linn have been active members in the society for many years now and graciously invited the society members to visit their little corner of Texas. While Jack and Linn have been long time society members, Rod and Donna are relatively new members and wanted to help entertain this months meeting. We thank them all for hosting our meeting this month.

View from the back yard over the resaca

As members arrived they toured around the grounds and enjoyed the view of the resaca. Members enjoyed the relatively cool October day and basked in the glorious Texas sunshine.

 members checking out the yard

 members getting a cool one to drink

 a rare serenoa palm

 butterfly on a butterfly bush

As always a great lunch was provided by the hosts and supplemented by all the side dishes our members brought along. All had plenty to eat and enjoyed the food and society members company.

 tropical view

After having a short society meeting covering future meetings and bulletin articles, we had an plant auction. As usual, our members were very generous with both their donations as well as purchases.

 a phoenix date palm

 another rare palm, the phoenix pusilla

 a huge and old vine topping this oak tree

After the meeting and auction were finished most of the members went over to visit the Sommerfrucht's home and garden, which was just around the street. There members were invited to pick star-fruit that was rippening on the trees and to tour the gardens. From there we all went are own way, looking forward to next months meeting.

One last picture....

desert rose plant

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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