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October 2004, Meeting at the Volk's in San Antonio

Welcome to John and Blake Volk's garden

 details of a sabal palm frond(14132 bytes)

Frond structure of a Riverside Sabal....

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 a mixture of plants... (14132 bytes)

A mixed bed of plants, lantana, cactus and sago.

Members started arriving around noon for our October meeting in San Antonio. John and his son Blake have been gardening and growing palms in San Antonio for the past 10 years. Their palm collection started out with a single Washingtonia palm but the collection quickly started to grow. Today they have a vast variety of palms they are trying out in this region of Texas. Here are some of the plants they are growing: a number of sabal varieties, phoenix, livistona, jubaea, syagrus, chamerhops, butia and trachycarpus. John's interest as of late has leaned him towards the hybridization of palms, in his collection he has a number of these hybrids. Here are some of the more interesting varieties he is growing: Phoenix sylvestrisXtheophrastii, jubaeaXbutia, parajubaeaxbutia, and butiaxsyagrus. Shortly after noon it was time to eat... Father Leo a member from San Antonio, blessed the meeting as well as the food. Members then enjoyed the great variety of foods that were brought in. After the luncheon, members stayed seated in the shade of a large elm tree for the society meeting. Jv opened up the meeting by thanking all those who came as well as his wife for orchestrating the meal. John Dillard gave us a treasury report and then we started covering some of the up coming events within the society. We also discussed the need for volunteers to host 2005 meetings. A priority in this department is the need for someone to host the January meeting which will be here soon enough. So if your interested, please contact one of the officers.

 members relaxing during the meeting (picture by Charles Carteret)(14132 bytes)

Blake and his Mom take in the meeting (picture by Charles Carteret)(14132 bytes)

After the meeting was concluded Jv gave a tour of the yard and spoke about all of his palms as well as his experiences with them in the San Antonio climate. Below you can view the pictures of the gardens and meeting. After the tour was complete many members stayed to visit with one another before heading back to their own gardens.

 Eric and Sherilyn of SA become new members (picture by Charles Carteret)(14132 bytes)

 a jubaea/butia cross(14132 bytes)

 a pure butia for comparison (14132 bytes)

 Jv talking about livistona saribus (picture by Charles Carteret)(14132 bytes)

 Jv discussing livistona australis (picture by Charles Carteret)(14132 bytes)

 showing the differences in the sabal palms (picture by Charles Carteret)(14132 bytes)

 Jv wrapping up the garden tour answering questions (picture by Charles Carteret) (14132 bytes)

More pics from Jv's garden

palms up by the patio (14132 bytes)

 a view of the yard from one angle (14132 bytes)

 a hybrid sylvestrisXtheophrastii palm (14132 bytes)

 a beautiful October sky (14132 bytes)

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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