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October 2003, Meeting in McAllen

Bill and Marilyn Madsen

One of Bill's favorites... (14132 bytes)

A huge Royal Palm....

Huge acrocomia mexicana(15069 bytes)

One of the largest foxtails in Texas (15069 bytes)

Around 12 noon, PSST members started arriving at the house of Bill and Marilyn Madsen in McAllen. Bill has a yard full of rare and special palms. Certainly the royals are something to behold. One gets the notion they are in south Florida when looking at the size of Bill's royals. Of course to go along with that south Florida look, one would need to have a coconut palm as well... but here in Texas??? Of course, and Bill has one and a beauty to boot.

Here are some pics of those and other palms in Bill's collection.

Huge coconut for Texas!!! (15069 bytes)

yes a coconut palm in the valley, this size! (15069 bytes)

members getting caught up with each other upon arrival (15069 bytes)

After members toured and viewed the gardens, we all came in to enjoy a bit of air conditioning and a great meal. The pot luck was like many of our others, full of wonderful choices and as always more than one can eat. You certainly don't go hungry at our meetings. Many thanks to the Madsen's for providing the main course and to all the others that brought side dishes and desserts.

Members snacking before lunch (15069 bytes)

a view from across the pool (15069 bytes)

After eating we all sat around in the air conditioning and had a quick society meeting. We discussed the fact that the calendars are being published and should be here in time for the Christmas meeting. These calendars will be a gift from the society for new and renewed memberships for 2004. We also discussed other society matters such as the treasury report given by our treasurer John Dillard, and the need to have meetings hosted for 2004. A number of members volunteered to host those meetings and as such, there is only one month left open at this time. We also discussed the issue of having to replace Van as the valley Vice Chairman due to his impending move to California. The society would prefer to fill this position with someone that hasn't served previously, however anyone is welcomed to volunteer. If someone (from the valley) is interested in volunteering they can contact Van or myself (John Volk) directly.

John Volk presenting a plaque of appreciation to Van... (15069 bytes)

Van and the presented plaque (15069 bytes)

During this months meeting the society honored Lloyd "Van" Epps for his 'tour of duty' as the valley Vice Chairman. Van will be leaving the valley as soon as his house sells and he'll be returning to northern California to be close to family. All of us here in the society will certainly miss not only Van's efforts for the society but also his ever present smile and pleasant nature. Van we'll miss you!!!

Some more of Bill's palms....

Blake Volk in front of livistona for scale (15069 bytes)

a beautiful tropical view... (15069 bytes)

Blake by a schizophylla (bless you!) (15069 bytes)

Meeting summary and photos by John Volk.


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