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Nov 2005, Meeting at Darryl's in Corpus Christi


Front of house

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This month our meeting was at the new palm garden of Darryl and Stacey Smith's home in Corpus Christi. Although the weather was seasonably cool, all had a great time. As members arrived, Darryl and his dad were tending to the grille to insure there would be ample 'eats' for all. As they finished up the cooking, members toured the garden and enjoyed socializing with one another.

Darryl working on the grille

Guests looking at plants while the food is being prepared

Darryl's garden is rather new, yet he's been purchasing palms at each of the auctions and plant sales. With those purchases, the yard is starting to take shape and one can envision how the yard will look as these plants mature.

Triangle palm and other plants in front of house

Unique looking phoenix palm

As always there came a time to eat during our meeting....

Members getting to the food (Picture By Ed Ladd)

Members socializing during the meal (Picture By Ed Ladd)

Members enjoying the meal

Some of the ladies trying to stay warm

After eating we had a short meeting to discuss the up coming Christmas party as well as other society business. One such item was the fact that we were going to try alternate meeting locations between the upper and lower regions of our area of coverage. We gained a couple of hosts for some of the meetings next year but there are still ample opportunities to host a meeting should you want to. We also discussed the request to have another PSST calendar. John Volk stated that he and Richard Travis would work on getting a calendar together by next meeting. It would be on-line and individual members could order as many as they wanted.

A fabulous bismarckia noblis palm

A hardy and beautiful yucca rostrada

John Dillard getting ready for the society meeting (Picture By Ed Ladd)

Another look at the yard (Picture By Ed Ladd)

After the meeting was over, many members stuck around to socialize and play yard games. As we left this meeting, we were thankful for the generous hospitality of Darryl and Stacey. We look forward to coming back some time in the future and checking on how the garden is coming along.

One last picture....

Bougainvilla flowering

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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