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November 2004, Meeting at Ed Ladd and John Dillard's in Corpus Christi

Welcome to the garden

 A fabulous palmy retreat on the back patio(14132 bytes)

A restful setting on the patio....

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 sabal and chamaerops.. (14132 bytes)

An unidentified sabal variety and large chamaerops humilis.

Members started arriving around noon for our November meeting in Corpus Christi. This month's meeting was held in the quaint garden of Ed Ladd and John Dillard. Although the garden is a small suburban yard Ed and John have it well planted with palms. Over the past few years they have managed to successfully grow a number of rather tropical palms to include Rhapis Excelsa, Phoenix Roebelenii and this beautiful royal palm (Roystonea) planted next to the neighbors chimney.

 royal palm out front (14132 bytes)

Of course Ed and John also have a number of hardier specimens as well in the garden. They are presently also growing Butia Capitata, Chamaerops Humilis, Washingtonia Robusta, and an unidentified Sabal variety (probably Burmudana from the size of the fronds). Shortly after 12 noon it was time to eat... all enjoyed the feast that had been prepared. Once everyone had finished eating we gathered around to have a quick meeting. During the meeting we covered a number of issues to include our treasury report, updates on membership, and the new logo design for our caps and shirts. We also addressed a suggestion by George Gause about the possibility of working with the San Antonio Botanical Garden to re furbish the plant signs within the court yard area that identify the palms within that area. Our Chairman, John Volk took on the task of working with the gardens to see what can be accomplished. We may have more information on this project at the next meeting. Finally we discussed the up coming Christmas party at Ruth's home in Bay View. It will be held on the 11th of December and we look to have a large gathering as in past Christmas parties. As always we'll be doing our anonymous Palm gift exchange. After the meeting ended, members stuck around to casually visit the gardens or with other members. Below you'll be able to see additional pictures of the meeting and garden.

 A beautiful colored butia capitata (14132 bytes)

Ed in front of his new Fox Tail palm (14132 bytes)

 members discussing palm issues(14132 bytes)

 washingtonias from the back yard (14132 bytes)

 John Volk in front of Chamearops (14132 bytes)

fabulous color of butia fronds (14132 bytes)

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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