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18 May 2013

Welcome to Barry and Georgina Putegnat home in Brownsville, Texas

palmy view

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On May 18, approximately 60 members and guests gathered at the beautiful home of Barry and Georgina Putegnat on a resaca in Brownsville. Our generous hosts provided all food and refreshments. Georgina prepared a delicious Mexican meal with chicken, beef, and pork dishes and an almost unbelievable number of side dishes. Georgina said she is used to feeding 60 people at a time. In addition, Lauran Serafy brought dips and chips and three wonderful desserts, including fantastic tres leches cakes. After eating as much as possible, members held a short business meeting. One of the guests presented a short talk on palms for South Padre Island. Then members toured the spacious grounds, house, and guest house. Barry and Georgina lived in the guest house for 15 months while the main house was being completely remodeled. Landscaping is still an ongoing project—shrubs and flowers were to be planted the next week.

Therefore, Barry and Georgina invited the PSST members to return next year in May for a meeting to see how much the palms and other plants have grown in a year’s time. The next meeting will be held on June 15 for a return visit to the home of Debbie Bick and Frank Raffaeli in Austin.

new palms

inviting pool

fresh and delicious...

everybody enjoy the shade


smiling for the camera...

Our next meeting will be in Austin on 15 June 2013 . Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Photos by Ed Ladd. Meeting summary by John Dillard. Web page by John Volk.

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