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17 May 2008

Welcome to Jon and Suzi Watson's on Padre Island

visitors view the front yard

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This month our society visited the home and garden of Jon and Suzi Watson on Padre Island. Per the normal routine, members started showing up around 12 noon. As members arrived, they viewed the gardens and socialized with each other. Jon's Padre Island garden is unique with all the variety of palms he is growing on this shore line homestead. They recently added to the property enabling the installation of a pool and some additional side garden area. They also re-enforced the dock area and created two planter areas near the water level of the property. One of those planters quickly became home to a prized coconut palm. The micro-climate the water creates should give the palm a better chance for long term survivability. Well at this meeting the reins of the society were scheduled to handed over from the out-going Chairman, John Volk, to the in-coming Chairman, our host, Jon Watson. After members viewed the gardens and then enjoyed a full catered luncheon, we got down to conducting society business. The normal treasure and meeting report were covered as well as our efforts in the Brownsville Botanical Garden project. We then received a farewell speech from John "JV" Volk, where he covered the great support he's received during his nearly 7 years of Chairmanship. Those highlighted during this portion of the meeting, were Ed Ladd and Mary Barkkari for their Co-Chairman duties scheduling meeting venues. Also John Dillard for his duty as the society treasurer. Jana Whalen was recognized for the years that she participated as our webhost. RL Frasier was appreciated for his getting the bulletins out to the members. Lastly but certainly not least, Richard Travis was regarded for his fabulous efforts on our bulletins. At the end of JV's speech the society presented him with a beautiful desk memento which depicted his years of service to the society. Then the new Chairman, Jon Watson had an opportunity to speak to the society. He highlighted some goals for future meetings as well as the excitement of taking on this new role. It is clear the society is in good hands and we all look forward to this new era of PSST. After all the speeches were completed, the formal part of the meeting concluded and many members stayed around to get a garden tour from Jon. Others stayed on the deck and enjoyed the warm but not hot South Texas day. Below are the pictures from this months meeting, we hope you enjoy them. We look forward to seeing you at a future meeting.

 members socializing

 a view across the back yard

 palms out front

 members viewing the front garden

huge Royal palm in front of house

members traverse the side yard

the new pool addition

Phoenix Sylvestris

Jon's coconut near the water

Members on the deck

 Romeo's new shirt

 triangle palm trunk

members waiting for lunch

members enjoying lunch and dessert

 Bismarkia Noblis

 Texas wind chime

Jv gives farewell speech

Jv congrats Jon Watson

Jv and Dr. Jon

your officers

Our next meeting will be in Santa Elena in June. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting summary/web page by John Volk. Photos by John Volk or Ed Ladd unless otherwise stated.

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