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May 2006 meeting in Port Aransas (Port Royal Resort) celebrating our 10th PSST year

Welcome to our party...

Members group shot before cutting the cake

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This month we celebrated our 10th anniversary as an organization so we went all out and hosted the meeting at the Port Royal Resort in Port Aransas. We wanted to find a place that represented our tropical attitudes, even though were not quite in the tropical latitudes.... and this resort and the wonderful service we received fit the bill nicely. It wouldn't be proper to press on without first saying a big THANK YOU to Wes Popejoy, Jana Whalen, Ed Ladd and John Dillard for their efforts in getting this celebration together. The work they put into getting this celebration together showed as the entire day went off without a hitch. Again we thank you all for your contribution.

Flowers around the beautiful grounds of the resort

Members relaxing prior to the meal (Photo by Ed Ladd)

Long time members Glyn and Victor talk with new member Wayne (center)

In celebration of our 10 years as an organization, we thought it fitting to find a tropical setting to join together and celebrate 'us'. Our organization was created out of an interest of few individuals that felt meeting up with fellow palm lovers was a great idea but didn't necessarily want to have to drive to Houston, which was the closest chapter of the IPS. Ed Ladd put together a nice history of the society identifying most of the original members and then continuing on with a recap of every meeting we've had over the past ten years. Listed below are most of the original members that started our society, some of which are still members today. Bill Bittle (1st PSST Chairman, now deceased), Bob Harris (recently deceased), Carol Farrald (still a member), Thad and Alice Magyar (still members), Rudy and Gloria Rocha, Gaby and Gunter Schmidt (still members, living in Germany), Richard Travis (our Editor), Lloyd Van Epps (still a member, living in California), Norman Sluis (still a member), Paul Holloway (still a member), Bill MacWhorter (still a member), Ken and Selena King, Tom and Judy Henderson (Tom is deceased but Judy is still a member), Ray Keale, Charlie and Lana Vieh (still members), and David Bishop. Here are a few of the pictures we took at today's meeting. I do hope this gives you some insight into the wonderful time we had. Do enjoy.

Members waiting for the meeting to start (Photo by Ed Ladd)

Members relaxing pool side (Photo by Ed Ladd)

Ed hands out leis to members

John D. checks members in

Sabal palms brought by Renata

Wes 'DJs' some tropical sounds as John B. looks on

Beautiful table decorations

Members line up to get to the great food

As always we had a short society meeting covering the normal society business. At this meeting we once again informed the members attending that we'd be sending out a survey to gauge the society on their views regarding contributing funds to the Brownsville Botanical Garden. This project is well on it's way to getting started and we as a society need to be poised to help fund the PSST palm garden. Look for the surveys to come out soon. We also started taking 2007 meeting reservations and five meetings were booked for next year.

Line gets shorter

Destiny, her Mom Ruth and Alejandra

The fabulous 'tropical' cake for our celebration

Members start surrounding the cake for a peak at it

Suzie comes to the rescue and starts cutting cake

Palm tree cookies

Palm trees the real thing...

Well we hope you've enjoyed a view into this months meeting and of course our celebration. We are always looking for new members to join our festive group, so if you're interested please check us out at one of our up coming meetings. We look forward to seeing the rest of our members soon at one of our meetings.

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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