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May 2005, Meeting at Romeo and Linda's home in Brownsville


Welcome to Romeo's garden (picture by Ed Ladd)

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This month we met in Brownsville at the beautiful home and garden of Romeo and Linda Montalvo. As always members started showing up around noon for the festivities. As members arrived, others started viewing the spacious gardens along the resaca in Brownsville. Once the majority of the members had arrived, we started the meeting for we had much to cover on this particular Saturday. The meeting started off with a briefing on the Brownsville Botanical Garden project. Dr. Robles, Scott Pajeski and Romeo have collaborated on this huge project and wanted to brief the society on their progress. Dr. Robles provided the background on the area to be developed and spoke about the procuring of the remaining acreage. Afterwards, Scott explained the lay out of the landscape design and how the gardens will flow. All in all it was a very informative briefing and our members lauded their efforts.


Romeo introduces the project and Dr. Robles

Dr. Robles speaks about the botanical gardnes project

Scott Pajeski speaks about the landscape design he's come up with

The Brownsville Botanical Garden Team

The garden design

Members listening to the presentation

Members at the meeting (Picture b Ed Ladd)

After the briefing, we broke for lunch which Romeo had catered in. As usual, he and Linda went over-board and the large crowd of 80 members and guests had plenty to eat. After dessert, we re-gathered on the patio to cover some society business and conduct the palm and plant auction. As usual we had a pretty good time during the auction as members bid on their favored plants. Once again the generosity of our members, both in plant donations as well as bids, helped make this a successful event. After the auction, Romeo took the society members on a tour of the grounds and spoke on his plant damage from the freakish snow storm that occurred this past winter. Below you'll find pictures of the tour and gardens. We hope to see you all next month in Harlingen when we meet at the Texas Travel Center to determine where the society can install a palm garden for all of the winter Texan's to enjoy.

Romeo speaking on the garden tour

Members taking in the tour

Romeo speaking with Ruth and Jim

More pictures from the meeting

A peaceful moment by the resaca

 Garden art

A beautiful look at the gardens

Teeth of the Livistona Saribus

Acrocomia Mexicana

Thorns of the Acrocomia

resting after a busy PSST meeting

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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