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May 2004, Meeting on Santa Rosa

Welcome to Thad and Alice's garden

A beautiful tropical garden setting ... (14132 bytes)

Thad's fabulous tropical garden....

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Thad giving a tour (14132 bytes)

Thad giving a tour to Wes and new member Daryl....

Around noon on a very stormy South Texas afternoon members of the Palm Society of South Texas met up at our hosts home and garden in Santa Rosa. Between the weather and it being Mother's day weekend we figured we might have a light crowd show up for today's meeting. However neither kept the members from coming out and enjoying Thad and Alice's tropical jungle. As members milled about admiring the size of Thad's palms, others sat back in one of the cabana's and enjoyed a refreshing beverage. Soon it was time to eat and as usual Alice put on a wonderful main course of brisket and fixin's. As we all enjoyed the meal the weather continued to threaten the meeting and garden tour. Soon after the meal we had a short meeting, however we covered a number of events. One main issue covered was the issue of starting to pay for our web-space that we've been enjoying for free for a many a year, compliments of Jana Whalen. It was a unanimous vote to start paying for the space we use to post our meeting pictures. We also said good bye to Lloyd "Van" Epps, our valley Vice Chairman and one of the founding fathers of PSST. Van will be moving to California to be near family and we will all miss his ever present smile and wonderful charm. Mary Barkkari has graciously volunteered to fill the vacancy that Van's departure has caused. We all welcome Mary to the Vice Chair position for the valley and look forward to her involvement with the society. After the meeting concluded many members stuck around to socialize a bit more and taken in a little more of the gardens. All in all it was another wonderful meeting at Thad and Alice's garden. Below you will find pictures of the gardens from this fabulous meeting. Do enjoy.

Blake by one of the cabanas(14132 bytes)

a beauty of a bismarkia (14132 bytes)

Garden pics...

a nice juvenile palm (14132 bytes)

another garden view (14132 bytes)

a field of palms being grown by Thad(14132 bytes)

members walking through the gardens (14132 bytes)

And yet more pics...

Van and Mary (outgoing and incoming Vice Chair for the valley)(14132 bytes)

banana plants (14132 bytes)

banana gardens (14132 bytes)

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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