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May 2003, Meeting in Seguin

The Ketchum's

Ketchum Lane.jpg.jpg (14132 bytes)

Frank and Frankie's sign protected by a needle palm.

At 12 noon, PSST members gathered at Frank and Frankie Ketchum's beautiful home in Seguin. Frank is growing a good variety of hardy palms that are rarely seen in our south central gardens. Members got to view some very nice sized Nannorrhops Ritchieana, Trithrinax Campestris, Dwarf Chamerhops Humilus, Sabal Uresana and a variety of other palms.

Nannorrhops Ritchieana.jpg (15069 bytes)

Trithrinax Campestris.jpg (15069 bytes)

Some of Frank's palms...

Prior to setting down to a great meal, Frank took all interested members on a tour of his one and half acre garden.

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Franks Tour2.jpg (15069 bytes)

Franks Tour3.jpg (15069 bytes)
Frank speaking of his experiences with his palms.

After lunch, all gathered around to have a quick society meeting. At the meeting we discussed membership and financial standing as well as the that fact that we need suggestions on how to apply some of our financial resources in support of palm related issues. The group discussed the supporting of the Montgomery Gardens in Florida and their seed gathering trip to Honduras. We also discussed the possibility of a 2004 calendar, covering south Texas and/or members gardens. Most seem in favor of such an idea. During the meeting we also spoke about it being our societies 7th anniversary. Thad Magyar got up and re-hashed some memories of how this society came to be through the efforts of our former President Bill Bittle.

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Thad.jpg (15069 bytes)

Celebrating our 7th anniversary and Thad reflecting back on how it all started.

Shortly after the society meeting adjourned most of our members started for home. While on my way home, I decided to stop by this house that I had seen off in the distance from IH-10, which appeared to have numerous palms around it. Upon finding it, I was amazed at the numbers and size of the palms surrounding this house. Unfortunately, I found the estates' gates closed and figured I would be relegated to taking pictures of the garden from a far. But as luck would have it, the owner Marcus Rice, happen to catch a glimpse of me taking pictures over the fence and came out to see what I was up to. After a brief introduction, the gates were opened and Marcus told me to make myself at home and snap away. As it turns out Marcus owns the company that has been landscaping Taco Cabanas here in town as well as other locations. He is a true and blue palm fanatic and his yard is certainly representative of that fact. Prior to leaving, he and I discussed the possibility of having the society visit his garden some day and he welcomed that possibility. On the following page you can find some of the pics I took of Marcus' garden, I hope you enjoy them.

Marcus Rice's San Antonio Garden

Meeting summary and photos by John Volk.


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