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19 Mar 2011

Mahandran Rajasuriar and Alice Garza in Brownsville

 our hosts backyard

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The March 2011 meeting was at the house and garden of Mahandran Rajasuriar and Alice Garza of Brownsville. They have an extraordinary yard and garden, filled with many palms and other plants that is located on a resaca. They have an oversized residential lot which they've managed to sector off into various gardens. They also have a deck that is built on the edge of the resaca with a spectacular view. Mahandran and Alice had a wonderful catered meal to compliment all of the side dishes and desserts that were brought to the meeting by the members. Per the norm, the chow line formed up quickly as soon as lunch was ready. Our hosts had multiple seating areas set up throughout the yard and garden, so it was easy for guests to find a seat. After lunch, we had a short PSST meeting covering up coming events as well as future meetings. John Dillard our treasurer read off the treasury report and gave status on expenditures. The topic of conversation was the freeze from February. Mahandran and Alice were fortunate to have many of there plants come back. In particular, they had some of the first Pygmy Date Palms - Phoenix roebelenii in Brownsville showing new growth. Also folks were amazed at the Cilantro - Coriandrum sativum that was in bloom, a very lovely sight. After the meeting was adjourned, some members stuck around to enjoy the wonderfully warm March afternoon. We thank Mahandran and Alice once again for opening up their home and garden to the society members. We enjoyed the visit!

 our hosts

society members walking the grounds

jungle feel

members catching some shade

chow time...

seats by the resaca

Chairman Jon addresses the society

 a nice palm fountain

Our next meeting will be in Brownsville on 9 Apr 11. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Photos by Ed Ladd & Louis Forrai. Web page by John Volk.

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