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20 Mar 2010

Don Dionisi and Louis Forrai

Jon Watson stands with our guests

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the beautiful pool area

garden path way

yuccas in the gardeb

potted flowers and plants

On March 20 at 12 noon, approximately 60 members and guests gathered at the home of Don Dionisi and Louis Forrai in Brownsville. Members walked around the beautifully landscaped yard filled with numerous palms and tropical plants. The back yard is bordered by a resaca. A delicious Filipino lunch was served followed by many desserts brought by members. Everyone ate on the large covered patio overlooking the back yard, pool, and resaca.

After lunch a short business meeting was held, and three new members joined the society. This was immediately followed by the spring auction of palms and other plants. About six palms had been auctioned when suddenly a downpour of rain hit along with a strong, cold north wind. Somewhat damp, everyone headed into the house. The brave auctioneers brought one palm or plant at a time to the door so that members could bid. All plants were eventually sold, and the auction was deemed a success despite the sudden unfavorable change in the weather. After visiting a while more, members began their trips home. The next meeting will be on April 10 at the home of Romeo and Linda Montalvo in Brownsville.

rain come down

everyone huddles inside

Chairman Jon shields off the rain

Garden viewing in the rain

John Dillard gives the tresury report

The auction starts

another garden view

strolling through the garden

Chairman Jon and son Clay, saying adios!

Our next meeting will be in Brownsville on 10 Apr 10 . Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Photos by Ed Ladd. Meeting summary by John Dillard. Web page by John Volk.

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