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Mar 2008

Welcome to Corpus Christi hosted by Ed Ladd, John Dillard and Jana Whalen

Livistona chinesis fruit

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This month our society visited two gardens in Corpus Christi, Jana Whalen's and John Dillard and Ed Ladd's. The society started out by meeting at a local restaurant for our traditional lunch meal. Per the norm, when meeting at a restaurant, everyone paid their way. After a good Mexican meal, we all headed over the Jana Whalen's garden in central Corpus. Jana has a nice variety of palms and probably one of the biggest Majestic palms in Texas. After touring her garden, the gang headed to the nearby garden of John Dillard and Ed Ladd, also in central Corpus. Here members enjoyed an afternoon snack as well as their unique palm garden. Although the garden is small, John and Ed have packed it full of palms making it unique to the typically oak covered neighborhood. Below are the pictures from this meeting, we hope you enjoy viewing them.

eating at the restaurant

Blake and Ed Ladd

livistona chinesis

Jana's garden

side garden

lots of palms in the rear garden

members making their way to the rear yard

large majesty palm

 good sized triangle palm

Jana speaks about the garden

At Ed and John's -front yard

near the front of the house

beautiful grey butia palm

european fan palm and sabel palm

large cuban royal palm in background

closer look at the rear garden royal palm

Our next meeting will be in Brownsville in Apr. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by Ed Ladd or John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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