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Mar 2003, Meeting in Harlingen

The Palm Sale

sale1.jpg (14132 bytes) sale3.jpg (12388 bytes)

sale2.jpg (35387 bytes)At 10AM, some of our members met up at Glyn Whiddon's Nursery to host the PSST palm sale. Despite the heavens opening up on us with nearly a three hours deluge (in the middle of the day!), we still managed to have a very successful event. A number of members brought by plants for the auction and Glyn our host donated generously from his nursery stock... Glyn donated to both of the auctions and the 5 door prizes. Some of his donations included: queen palms (nearly 15' tall), royal palms, Christmas palms, bottle palms and many many more. On top of those donations, Glyn also donated 10% of the palm sales for that day. Once again, I thank all those that participated in making this a very successful event.

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As the rains continued to come down and the nursery remained void of customers we managed to jump out to a local Thai restaurant and grab some food and good conversation. After eating, the rains started to slow down so we all headed back to the nursery hoping customers would come back. Luckily they did and we had another busy session in the afternoon. Once again the auction went fairly well and we even managed to draw back some of the same customers from earlier in the day.

After the sale ended a number of the members went over to Rick Schwab's house in Harlingen. Rick has been working hard on both his collection of plants and his garden in general. His residential garden in nearly an acre in size and is very well established. I think we finally have him convinced to host a meeting some time next year, until then enjoy the pictures from his beautiful garden.

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Rick showing off some of his palms...

More photos of Rick's place

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Meeting summary and photos by John Volk.


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