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15 Jun 2013

Welcome to Debbie & Frank's home and garden in Austin, Texas

Sabal Mexicana

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On Jun 15, Debbie Bick and Frank Raffaeli opened up their home and garden to our society. They live in the hilly western part of Austin and their yard provides challenges from a gardening point of view, with it's 50 foot drop in elevation from front to back, but at the same time it provides some amazing views! All the members started gathering around noon, to include out of town guest (Geri & David Prall) from Florida.

After a delicious meal with ample desserts for all to indulge in, we had a very informative talk on Madagascar. John Bendall from Austin provided the society a very informative talk on the Island of Madagascar to include the various types of palms found there. Afterwards, members went outside to divide up some donated plants. We thank Deb and Frank for their hospitality and for all attending today's meeting. We'll be taking a bit of a hiatus in July, as we don't have a meeting lined up. See you all in August in Dallas!

members getting to the good meal

enjoying the meal

a palm centered village

Ed Ladd opens up the meeting

John and Bill geting settled for the meeting

Matthew speaks about the next meeting in Dallas

John Bendall speaks about Madagascar

sporting a new palm shirt

LIGN="center">Geri & David Prall, Wayne Russell, & John Bendall

Randy & Darryl stop for a photo

looking at the plants for the taking

well see you at the next meeting

Our next meeting will be not be until Aug, in Dallas, on 17 Aug 2013 . Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Photos by Ed Ladd & John Volk. Summary by John Volk. Web page by John Volk.

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