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20 Jun 2009

Welcome to the Attaway's in Aransas Pass

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This month our society met at the home of Curtis and Marsha Attaway's which was co-hosted by Charles and Patrizia Hatch. Our hosts had a beautiful secluded garden nestled in the coastal area outside of Aransas Pass. The sandy loam soils allow for deep root systems and the ancient oaks on the property reflected the size that trees will attain in such conditions. The palms they are growing are extensive and were all doing very well.
Our hosts had a bounty of a luncheon planned with boiled shrimp and all the fixings. Their friend and neighbor "Rick" was the shrimp master and boiled the massive amount of shrimp to perfection. Members enjoyed home made key-lime pie for dessert! After everyone finished eating, our Chairman Jon Watson had a quick society meeting covering upcoming meetings and events. Afterwards the members were free to socialize some more as well as visit the property, while enjoying cool beverages. Please enjoy the pictures below to get a glimpse of the meeting.

view from the garage

circular drive

cardboard cycad

beautiful fronds

side yard

rear of the house


hot peppers

lunch is ready...  come and get it

members digging in

a shady spot

some of the dessert

enjoying the shade

Our next meeting will be in Brownsville on 18 July 09 . Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Web page & photos by John Volk.

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