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June 2005, Meeting at the Texas Visitors Information Center, Harlingen


Welcome to Texas (picture by Ed Ladd)

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This month our society was set to meet at the Texas Visitors Information Center in Harlingen, to scope-out a potential site for a palm garden. But prior to that, we of course had to eat some lunch and arrangements were made at one of our famous Texas BBQ stops. During lunch members socialized and got caught up with one another. After the main meal was finished, George and Virginia (our hosts for this meeting) brought out some delicious muffins that were decorated with palm trees. After eating we all headed over to the visitors center to meet up with center officials and discuss the potential palm garden.

Members sitting down to eat

More members socializing at lunch

The dessert brought in by George and Virginia

Upon our arrival to the center, we unfortunately got word that neither official could make our meeting. With that being known, we opted to press forward and still discussed the potential of adding a palm garden at the center. We also covered the normal society meeting agenda items such as a treasury and membership report as well as future meetings. Esmie River a who will be hosting our July meeting, spoke briefly on the activities she has planned for her first ever PSST meeting. After discussing all the issues at hand, we opted to go out and investigate the best potential location for our palm garden. Despite the very warm south Texas afternoon, we all went out and walked the grounds. The potential garden spot easily came to be evident as we were somewhat limited in potential locations and working around existing landscaping. Once we finished discussing the pros and cons of the location we closed out the meeting for the month.

Members mill about the visitors center

Members discussing the issues at hand

Members discussing the potential placement of the palms (picture by Ed Ladd)

Members settling on the garden placement (picture by Ed Ladd)

More pictures from the meeting

The flag poles at the center (picture by Ed Ladd)

The water garden (picture by Ed Ladd)

The peaceful water feature (picture by Ed Ladd)

Another view of the interior garden

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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