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June 2004, Meeting in Brownsville

Welcome to Romeo and Linda's garden

A beautiful tropical garden setting ... (14132 bytes)

Romeo's tropical garden....

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Thad giving a tour (14132 bytes)

A pair of many tropical palms throughout the yard....

Once again PSST members arrived at our guest's house around the noon hour. Many members came from long distances to see Romeo's garden. Jim Wier taking the honors for the farthest drive coming in from Odessa. We also had members from San Antonio as well from cities along the coast. As members arrived, they socialized and of course toured the grounds, marveling at Romeo's collection of palms and plants. Romeo had lunch catered in and everyone enjoyed being catered to. The food was fabulous and everyone got their fill. After eating, we gathered around to have quick meeting. After the quick meeting we started in on the auction that everyone was waiting for. The sun was hot but the bidding was even hotter on the items being auctioned. When all was said and done, the society netted a tidy sum thanks to the generosity of our members. It's auctions like this that allow us to fund worthwhile projects as well as keep membership down. After the meeting concluded many members stuck around to socialize a bit more and taken in a little more of the gardens. Romeo conducted another tour for those who didn't attend the earlier one. Below you will find pictures of the gardens as well as our members enjoying the meeting. Do enjoy.

Members snacking and socializing(14132 bytes)

A beautiful setting by the pool (14132 bytes)

Garden pics...

a nice juvenile palm (14132 bytes)

Acrontophoenix variety  (14132 bytes)

Members eating (14132 bytes)

Touring the gardens by the pool (14132 bytes)

a nice Coconut palm(14132 bytes)

Livistona variety(14132 bytes)

And yet more pics...

members on the patio(14132 bytes)

Touring the gardens (14132 bytes)

Romeo giving a tour (14132 bytes)

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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