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June 2003, Meeting in Brownsville

The Montalvo's

garden statue (14132 bytes)

lawn art (14132 bytes)

Beautiful and graceful art accent the garden.

cycad in the front yard (14132 bytes)

washingtonias in the background (14132 bytes)

At 12 noon, PSST members started to arrive at Romeo and Linda Montalvo's beautiful home in Brownsville. Romeo has been working hard at getting the garden into "tropical" shape. Many of the palms have grown considerably since the last time the society met here which was just last year. Additionally, Romeo has evidently been tracking down some of the rarer palms that can live in the valley climate. These include Bismarckia noblis, hyphaene, Acrocomia mexicana, Copernicia alba, and Arenga australasica to mention a few. He even has a couple of coconut palms in his garden, now that is certainly stretching the envelope...

near poolside (15069 bytes)

a tropical garden view (15069 bytes)

Check out these pictures of Romeo's garden...

another garden view (15069 bytes)

more great plants (15069 bytes)

And some more pics of Romeo's garden...

a livistona nitida (15069 bytes)

bismarkias in the front yard (15069 bytes)

romeo giving a tour (15069 bytes)

Romeo speaking of his experiences with growing palms in the valley...

After lunch, all gathered around to have a quick society meeting. At the meeting we discussed membership and financial standing as well as the that fact that we need suggestions on how to apply some of our financial resources in support of palm related issues. The group discussed the possibilities of supporting of the Montgomery Botanical Center in Florida or the Sabal Palm Preserve near Brownsville. We also discussed the 2004 calendar initiative which would cover south Texas and/or members gardens. Once again most seem in favor of such an idea. We also handed out seeds donated by the Montgomery Center and handed out the latest bulletin produced by our dedicated editor, Rich Travis.

officers working (15069 bytes)

members getting to the food (15069 bytes)

some of the ladies posing for a picture (15069 bytes)

Members and officers getting food... officers doing a little work.... and some members posing for the camera.

Meeting summary and photos by John Volk.

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