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12 Jul 2008

Welcome to Father Leo's (Oblate Theology School) in San Antonio

Oblate Theology School

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July 2008 brought the society to San Antonio to visit Father Leo and his unique garden at Oblate Theological school. Father Leo's garden is uniquely situated in a court yard of the school that is protected on three sides by 4 story buildings. This certainly creates a micro climate to push the envelope of palms that can be grown in San Antonio. Members gathered at 11:30 so that we could get through the cafeteria line prior to students and facility coming in at noon. Father Leo had a delicious meal prepared by the school staff for all to enjoy. We were seated in a private dining area where we could socialize and hold our society meeting. After everyone was finished eating, our Chairman Jon Watson started the business meeting portion of our gathering. We covered up coming meetings, our treasury report and the decision to purchase a "PSST Chairman's" bench (with the names of our former/present Chairman) to be placed in the palm garden of the new Brownsville Botanical Garden.

Don, Clay, Clay and Krystal socializing

Father Leo and Jon Watson enjoy a laugh

members enjoying the food

members from Dallas, Corpus and San Antonio

Afterwards, Father Leo spoke about the tour we were going to get through the grounds of the school and the plants we'd see. John Volk also spoke briefly about seeds he had brought to be given away, as well as, open-ended offer to tour his garden should anyone be interested. We ended the business meeting and went out to start the tour. Below you'll see the pictures of this meeting, we hope you enjoy them.

 Father Leo explaining the tour to come

Tour starts...

A circle of mule palms

Royal palm out front of the school

Entrance to the court yard

a view of the garden from the forth story

members walking the court yard

Bismarkia Noblis and Acrocomia Mexicana

Father Leo talking with Jon Watson and John Volk

Virginia walking towards the King palm

pond view

garden view

Queen Sago

Copernicia Alba

Father Leo giving away baby palms at the end of the day

Bismarkia frond

Our next meeting will be in Austin on August 9th. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting summary and web page by John Volk. Photos by Ed Ladd, Don Nelson and John Volk.

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