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21 Jul 2007

Welcome to Hill Top Gardens

 Entrance to the gardens (by Ed Ladd)

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 another shot of the front entrance (by Ed Ladd)

 palms by entrance (by Ed Ladd)

This month our society visited 'Hill Top Gardens' in Lyford. Jim McInnis was gracious enough to host this meeting at the historic aloe farm in South Texas. Per the norm, our members started to show up around noon. The nearly 1-mile long, palm-lined driving gave a hint of the surprising gardens yet to be found in the remote acreage west of Lyford.

The gardens around this historic farm are amazing. The property is laden with palms, roses, crape myrtles, bouganvilla and of course aloe. This farm has an interesting history as it relates to a Korean millionaire who became terminally ill until he found the healing power of aloe. Turns out he invested heavily into the promotion of aloe and managed to live 20 years longer. His son now runs the worlds largest aloe company and this farm is one of many in the corporation.

James served up a wonderful lunch and it was complimented by side dishes brought by our members. After lunch, we had a short society meeting and then James enlightened the group with the history of the farm and the future plans to potentially make it into a botanical garden. Once all of the indoor business was taken care of, James took us all on a tour of the grounds.

 James talking to guests (by Ed Ladd)

 Jim speaking to members

 Members listening during society meeting

We ended the meeting by hosting an auction with the plants provided by our members. Additionally, we had some fabulous palm leaf-wickered baskets donated by Kael Kirkpatrick, who recently moved away from South Texas. The auction went well and once again our members were very generous. After the auction we ended the meeting and members headed back home. We thank James for his hospitality and for hosting our members this month.

 Jim speaks to members touring grounds

 members touring grounds

 gorgeous bamboo plant

 members touring the grounds

 palmy view of the gardens

  skyline garden view

  palms in the garden

 Aloe in pot

Our next meeting will be in Austin in August. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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