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15 July 2006

Welcome to the Watson's on the island..

a few pics

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Jon's beautiful coconut palm

This month we met at Jon and Suzie Watson's home on North Padre Island. Jon has been working hard to have one of the most extensive and varied palm collection in Texas. Most would agree that if he hasn't done so already, he is darn close! Jon's collection is truly amazing, see the long list of palms that Jon is growing at the bottom of the page. Suzie happen to be out of town, so the challenges of hosting this months meeting fell squarely on Jon. Luckily, his son Clay and his wife Krystal were on hand to help out and keep everything going smoothly as Jon entertained his guest. Before eating, Jon conducted a number of tours through the garden. Naturally it was a bit hot in south Texas, being July, but that didn't stop the palm loving group.

Jon escorts Clay around the garden

A good looking brahea dulcis

Once we finished touring around the garden (and being amazed), we all went in to eat a wonderful meal and enjoy the coolness of the house. After eating, we had a quick meeting and went over the Brownsville Botanical Survey. We also spoke about up coming meetings and introduced new members and visitors. Afterwards, Jon presented a powerpoint slide show depicting his customized irrigation system that brings water and fertilizer to each individual plant.

A view from the deck

Here are a few more pictures from today's meeting.

A great looking foxtail palm

A copernicia prunifera

And even more pics...

Well we hope you've enjoyed a view into this months meeting.

Folks getting ready to eat

A tropical view

Here are all the palms that Jon is growing on North Padre Island. Acoelorrhaphe wrightii Acrocomia aculeata (mexicana) Actinokentia divaricata Adonidia merrillii Aiphanes aculeata (caryotifolia) Allagoptera arenaria Alloschmidia glabrata Archontophoenix alexandrae Archontophoenix cunninghamiana Archontophoenix maxima Archontophoenix myolensis Archontophoenix purpurea Archontophoenix tuckeri Areca latiloba Areca vestiaria (red form) Arenga engleri Asterogyne martiana Attelea cohune Bactris gasipaes Basselinia gracilis Basselinia pancheri Beccariophoenix madagascariensis Bismarckia nobilis Brahea dulcis Burretiokentia hapala Burretiokentia vieillardia Butia capitata Calyptrocalyx polyphyllus Calyptrocalyx elegans var balak Carpenteria acuminata Caryota mitis Chamaedorea cataractarum Chamaedorea elegans Chamaedorea ernesti-augustii Chamaedorea metallica Chamaedorea radicalis Chamaedorea seifrizii Chamaerops humilis Chambeyronia macrocarpa Chambeyronia macrocarpa hookerii Cocos nucifera Coccothrinax crinita Copernicia prunifera Dictyosperma album Dypsis baronii Dypsis carlsmithii Dypsis decaryi Dypsis decipiens Dypsis lastelliana/leptocheilos Dypsis lutescens Dypsis mahajanga Dypsis rivularis (pink crownshaft) Euterpe edulis Geonoma longevaginata Howea forsteriana Hyophorbe indica Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Hyophorbe verschaffeltii Jubaea chilensis Kentiopsis magnifica Kentiopsis oliviformis Kerriodoxa elegans Licuala grandis Licuala ramsayi Licuala spinosa Linospadix minor Linospadix monostachya Livistona benthamii Livistona chinensis Livistona decipiens Livistona jenkinsiana Livistona mariae Livistona muellerii Livistona nifida Livistona robinsoniana Livistona saribus Livistona woodfordii Lytocaryum weddellianum Phoenix dactylifera Phoenix roebelenii Phoenix rupicola Phoenix sylvestris Polyandrococos caudescens Pritchardia hillebrandii Pritchardia martii Pritchardia minor Pritchardia pacifica Ptychosperma elegans Ptychosperma waitianum Raphia fariniferia Ravenea rivularis Rhapis excelsa Roystonea regia Sabal mexicana Sabal minor Sabal uresana Syagrus romanzoffiana Thrinax sp. Trachycarpus fortunei Veitchia arecina Washingtonia filifera Washingtonia robusta Wodyetia bifurcata

A great looking pritchardia pacifica (pic by Ed Ladd)

A view from the drive (pic by Ed Ladd)

Fruiting coconut (pic by Ed Ladd)

Front of the house (pic by Ed Ladd)

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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