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July 2004, Joint Meeting with Houston Chapter in Houston

Welcome to Grant Stephenson's Nursery

Members arriving at Horticultural Consultants (14132 bytes)

Members arriving at the nursery....

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Grant giving a tour (14132 bytes)

Grant talks about the hybrid palm ButiaXSyagrus....

Members of both the Houston Palm Society as well as our own met up at Pappasito's for lunch and the beginning of the joint meeting. After enjoying a tasty lunch we all headed over to Grant Stephenson's nursery (Horticultural Consultants) to see the vast variety of palms that Grant offers. Even though it was a typically hot July afternoon in Houston we all gladly wandered ' about the nursery and listening to both Grant and his associate Bill Gray tell us all about the palms they carry. Below you will find pictures of the nursery.

Members looking on during the tour(14132 bytes)

Trying to beat the heat (14132 bytes)

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Bill Gray giving a talk on hybrid palms(14132 bytes)

Large Phoenix palms ready for planting... (14132 bytes)

Grant giving some advice to Sarah(14132 bytes)

In case it wasn't hot enough outside try the green houses(14132 bytes)

Father Leo grabbing a little shade(14132 bytes)

Welcome to Horace Hobbs Garden

Some of Horace's plants in the shade of a large Oak tree (14132 bytes)

After completing the tour of Grant's nursery, most of the members headed over to Horace Hobbs beautiful garden.

Luckily Horace didn't live that far away, so the commute was rather easy. During our commute, I think we all arrived with a new appreciation for our car's air conditioners as they cooled us down from the nursery tour. Horace and his lovely wife greeted us all with cool drinks and warm smiles. Horace has a beautiful garden and below you can enjoy seeing it for yourself.

Large mule palm in the back yard(14132 bytes)

Hardy palms out front (14132 bytes)

View of the garden(14132 bytes)

Cactus garden view (14132 bytes)

more pics from Horace's garden...

Lilly pond(14132 bytes)

A beautiful setting with a Jubaea in the foreground (14132 bytes)

Phoenix Theophrastii and cactus garden(14132 bytes)

Horace's Jubaea Chilensis(14132 bytes)

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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