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July 2003, Meeting in Staples

Cheryl Crabtree's

A taste of Margaritaville (14132 bytes)

It's all in the attitude....

Beautiful and inviting pool... (14132 bytes)

palms near the pavilion (14132 bytes)

Around 12 noon, PSST members started to arrive at Cheryl Crabtree's beautiful home and A Plant Sale nursery in Staples, Texas. Cheryl states she hasn't been at this location very long but you can't tell it by the look of her garden. She has a number of wonderful palms in the ground surrounding the pool area and the wonderfully shaded pavilion. In addition, she has many more cold sensitive palms in pots all over the place. These 'babies' of hers naturally are stowed away in the climate controlled green houses during the winter months.

palms by the pool (15069 bytes)

a tropical retreat from the hot Texas sun (15069 bytes)

Check out these pictures of Cheryl's garden...

Yes this bismarckia is planted this far north... (15069 bytes)

Blake enjoying his favorite palm, the coconut (15069 bytes)

a view of the palm nursery(15069 bytes)

the koi pond next to the pavilion (15069 bytes)

And some more pics...

After lunch, we gathered around to have a quick society meeting. As usual we covered some of the normal subjects such as finances and up coming meeting. We also discussed the possibility of officers of the society not having to pay annual dues for all of the work they accomplish. All members present were in favor of this motion. After the meeting we had a small auction which provided new homes for the donated plants.

Jana, Ed and Cheryl enjoying the shade (15069 bytes)

members eating the delicious food (15069 bytes)

resting... (15069 bytes)

Members getting food... and some rest from the heat

Meeting summary and photos by John Volk.


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