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17 Jan 2015

Welcome to the Sabal Sanctuary near Brownsville, Texas hosted by Paula Parson, Janet O'Neill, Janet Sloane

sabal palm crown

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tall sabal palms

On 17 January, the society met up at the Sabal Sancutary south of Brownsville, which borders the Rio Grande River and the Mexican border. At this time we don't have a summary of the meeting and events that occurred but we want to thank Paula Parson, Janet O'Neill, Janet Sloane who graciously put this event on. We thank you for your support in hosting the meeting at this natural preserve.

The February meeting is TBD at this time...

members awaiting meeting amongst the sabals

members catching a little shade

aloe blooms

sabal trail ways

sabals in natural habitat

nice grouping of sabal palms

Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Photos by Thad Magyar, summary by John Dilliard and web page by John Volk.

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