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17 Jan 2007

Welcome to the Blocker's in Markham

Wahingtonia palms and ginger plant

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This month we made our way to Markum to visit the Blockers. Renata and her daughter invited us out to their brother-in-law Bob's ranch where they've been growing potted sables for the past 7 years. All of these palms were being offered up for sale at this meeting at the incredible price of $10. Many of our members took advantage of this generosity and took home many beautiful palms.

View of the pool

Despite the cool and rainy weather, members took tours of the grounds and the multiple structures on it. Renata's brother-in-law Bob did the honors of walking folks around and showing off the garden and some of his beautiful stones that he's collected.

Sagos by the pool

members starting the tour

ferns growing on tree bark near pond

large oak near one of the houses

Bob speaking of one of his stones

Members admire one of the large stones

a view out one of the windows to the forest beyond

After the garden tour, members gathered to join in the meal that was prepared. As always, a generous amount of food was available for members to enjoy. After the meal, we had a meeting to cover the state of our finances and potential projects to apply funds to. We also met a number of new members and visitors to the meeting.

After the meeting, members stepped out to the garden and the light rain to pick out their palms. The weather didn't hamper the 'shopping' as members traversed the potted-sabal garden. After everyone picked out their palms and loaded up, the meeting came to a close. We thank the Blocker's for their generosity and we look forward to seeing you next month in the valley as we visit Bay View.

members checking out the palms

members picking

loading up the palms

The ranch dog takes a siesta after the meeting

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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