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January 2005, Meeting at Wally and Lilly Winters nursery in Harlingen

Welcome to Wally's nursery

 Rare saguaro cactus in the valley

Beautiful and rare Saguaro Cactus next to the nursery office

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 Washingtonias and phoenix palms for the sale

A shot of some of the plants up for sale.

Members started arriving at Wally and Lilly's wholesale nursery around noon. Many of our members even arrived prior to the noon hour as to get an early peek at the palms and plants that would be up for sale later in the day. As members continued to arrive, Wally started taking folks out on a trolley ride through the vast nursery acreage. While the tours were on going, other members wondered the grounds around the office and admired the plants that Wally had picked for the sale.

 Some of the plants for the sale

Once everyone had gone on the trolley tour of the nursery we all sat down and enjoyed a fabulous meal that had been prepared. As usual our guest out done themselves and when you coupled that with all of the side dishes that were brought in there was plenty of food to eat.

 Members getting to the wonderful food

 Members enjoying eating in the shade

After enjoying the meal, we held a shortened society meeting covering some of the usual items such as our treasury report, and up coming meetings. We also talked about our new shirt logo and the multitude of options to have it placed on shirts and caps. Linn Keller (pictured below) did all of the research to find a company to do the embroidery and worked with Ellen Fahrenkamp to alter our previous design.

 Linn Keller displaying our new society logo

After the society meeting was over it was time for our plant sale. Wally had donated a large number of plants for this sale and he graciously contributed all of the proceeds to our society. The members were very eager to line up and place their order. Some of the more popular and rare plants went rather quickly. All in all, we nearly sold every plant that was donated and the society made a tidy sum from Wally's generosity. You can see some of the plants that were up for sale in the pictures below.

 Livistons Chinensis palms

 Members checking out some of the palms for sale

Once the sale was completed the large task of loading up all of these palms started. Luckily Wally once again came to the rescue and had many of his nursery workers available along with a front end loader to ease the job. Naturally getting all of these palms loaded took some time but everyone was more than happy to wait their turn. We once again want to thanks Wally and Lilly for hosting such a great meeting and for being so generous.

 Tall Florida Sabal Palmettos for the sale

More pics from the meeting...

 A large stand of washingtonias

  Some frost damage seen in the field-palms from the cold Christmas snow storm

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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