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January 2004, Meeting in Harlingen

Welcome to John and Mary's home

A beautiful Livistona ... (14132 bytes)

The beautiful and colorful crown of a Livistona Muelleri....

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John and Mary (picture by Van) (14132 bytes)

John and Mary, our hosts for this meeting....

Around 12 noon, PSST members arrived at John and Mary's beautiful home and garden in Harlingen for our January meeting. As members arrived the first thing most noticed was the large palms that were circling a corral area which were to be auction off later in the day. All of these palms were graciously donated by Wally Winters from his wholesale nursery.

for auction (14132 bytes)

Blake gives scale to some of the auction palms (14132 bytes)

Palms for the auction, donated by Wally Winters...

As members continued arriving, those already here socialized and took a good look at the palms up for auction.

looking at the palms (14132 bytes)

members enjoying refreshments and discussions (14132 bytes)

Members talking and eyeing their favorites on the auction block...

Before you knew it, it was time to get down to eating the wonderful meal that had been prepared. As usual there was plenty of delicious food for all to partake in.


members getting their meal... (15069 bytes)

After the good food and conversations of the meal, we had a quick society meeting and addressed any concerns of the society members.

John Volk addresses a question (picture by Ed Ladd) (15069 bytes)

John Volk addressing a members question during the society meeting...

After the meeting, it was time to head over to Wally Winters wholesale nursery which was just down the street. Wally has been in the palm business for many years and has hundreds of acres in palms. Wally took members on guided tours throughout the acreage. For many of the "palmoholics" amongst us, this was a pure delight. The following series of pictures are related to the tour of Wally's nursery.

Wally starting out the tour (15069 bytes)

members on trolly (15069 bytes)

members out in their element (15069 bytes)

a beautiful grouping of livistona meulleri (15069 bytes)

members talking to Wally about seedlings (15069 bytes)

members admire this phoenix ruplicola (15069 bytes)

Blake and Wes give scale to the giant saguaro cactus (15069 bytes)

After the tour was over, everyone headed back to John and Mary's for the auction. All of the beautiful palms donated by Wally found new homes. As usual, the members attending the auction bid generously for the plants being offered and we thank them all for their support to the society.

At days end, a front end loader is used to load up the palms from the auction.

taking it home.... (15069 bytes)

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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