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16 Feb 2013

Welcome to Harlingen, Texas

 gorgeous phoenix palms

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Mary Barkkari, the Rio Grande Valley vice-chairman, organized a terrific two-part meeting on February 16. The first part was a delicious lunch at the Harlingen Country Club where the 56 members and guests in attendance enjoyed a choice of breaded baked fish or chicken Veracruz, along with salad, vegetables, rolls, and drinks. The Country Club itself is beautifully landscaped with many species of mature palms. The lunch and brief business meeting was held in the private Mesquite Room.

After lunch, at about two o’clock, the members drove to the east side of Harlingen to the home of PSST member Rick Schwab. Spectacular! Amazing! Incredible! These were some of the adjectives overheard as members arrived and began the tour of his yard and gardens. It was easy to see the envy and appreciation in everyone’s eyes. There were literally hundreds of palms of all sizes, along with other tropical plants, on the large estate. Several members bought small palms and others promised to return in a few days when Rick would have more time.

As the afternoon wore on, members began their journeys home after a most enjoyable day. The next meeting will be on March 16 at the home of Glenn and Rose Mary Head in Arroyo City. This meeting will include the spring auction.

palmy views

royal palms out front

bismarkia palms

touring the garden

Everybody poses, Romeo hungs a queen palm

pool side...

a nice row of queen palms

touring the green house

touring the back garden

gorgeous palmy view

John Purcell of Corpus Christi and Rick Schwab, our host

gorgeous bismarkia fronds

Our next meeting will be in Arroyo City on 16 Mar 2013 . Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Photos by Ed Ladd. Meeting summary by John Dillard. Web page by John Volk.

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