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18 Feb 2012

Welcome to Kyle Robinson and Juan Munguia in Edinburg

 our hosts, Juan and Kyle

After a week of cloudy, damp, cool weather, the sun shone brightly with warm temperatures for the PSST meeting on February 18 at the home of Kyle Robinson and Juan Munguia in Edinburg. There were 32 members in attendance for the outdoor lunch. The hosts provided tacos and beans, and members brought a grand selection of salads, sides, and desserts. Our hosts' house sits in the middle of two city lots with the front, side, and back yards completely filled with all types of palms, cacti, and fruit trees. Everyone was impressed with the great variety of plants.

After a brief business meeting, PSST member Greg Vail from Brownsville, with assistance from his wife Nery, presented a most informative "show and tell" program on vermiculture or worm composting. Greg brought numerous printed handouts for members, as well as physical samples of the worms, eggs, fertile soil. Greg and Nery gave a demonstration of different types of bins and "worms at work." He awarded a "vermicomposter" bin as a door prize, which was won by Mary Ayers of Brownsville. Mary decided to donate the bin for the spring auction in April.

After touring the yard numerous times, members bade adios in mid-afternoon to our hosts, along with many thanks for a wonderful meeting. Our next meeting will be on March 3 at the Stuart Place Nursery in Harlingen with hosts Billy and Delana Darling.

an alley of nannorhops

colorful garden

garden art

palms and cacti

cactus cluster

tall column cacti

John amongst the palms

society meeting

members eating

group shot...

Our next meeting will be in Harlingen on Mar 03, 2012. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting summary by John Dillard, pictures by Ed Ladd and web page by John Volk.

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