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21 Feb 2009

Welcome to Tad Dyer's in Weslaco

Tad and Chairman Jon have a discussion

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This month our society met at the home and garden of Tad Dyer..... Tad is one of largest palm growers in the Rio Grande Valley. Members enjoyed touring the beautiful gardens around his house as well his father's, many of the shots below are from his father's place. They also got to take in the thousands of palms in the green/shade houses and fields surrounding his home.

A detailed meeting summary will be posted soon... till then enjoy the pictures.

a gorgeous blossom

tropical scene

palms and tropicals everywhere

Jon and Clay making their way through the garden

colorful croton plant

members enjoy the shade of the patio

Marsha and Curtis going through the garden

members touring the shade houses

more shade house touring

Romeo taking it all in

Density matters...

one of many paths through the garden

perfect spot for a portrait

unique washingtonia palm

Our next meeting will be in Brownsville on 7 Mar 09 . Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Web page by John Volk. Photos by Ed Ladd.

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