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February 2005, Meeting at the Vieh's in San Benito

Welcome to Charlie and Lana's home and garden

 Front of house

The unique garden starts by the front of the house

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 Tall washingtonia palms

Tall Washingtonia's in Charlie's distant yard.

As usual members started gathering around noon at the Vieh's for this months meeting. Charlie and Lana run a small but quaint bed and breakfast in San Benito. Besides running the bed and breakfast they also raise unique birds and grow palms of course!! Below you will find various pictures of our visit to the Vieh's.

 A nice tropical view of the garden

 A double row of huge livistonas

 Catching a little shade

 Glyn and John discuss palm issues

 Members plating it up...

 Members waiting to get to the food

 Growing a field of sabals

 The mighty thorns on a livistona saribus

 leaning livistons palms by the pond

 the detail of the fronds comes out in black and white

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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