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Feb 2003, Meeting in Ingleside

Schmidt's in Ingleside

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JohnWatson2.jpg (35387 bytes)At 1PM, some 23 members and guests of the Palm Society of South Texas met at Gunter and Gaby Schmidts beautiful home and garden in Ingleside. Where we enjoyed viewing the Schmidt's beautiful garden nestled on CC bay. For those of you that have never been here, your missing a wonderfully tropical garden. Gunter has spectacular palms in his garden and over the years has gone through great pains to attain large specimens. Around 2:30 we all enjoyed a splended lunch, which as usual, would rivaled that of any good buffet. Afterwards, John Watson and Deanna Payne provided the society members with a presentation on an upcoming picture book of gardens in and around the Corpus Christi area. They solicited garden nomination from the members at large and plan on visiting all nominations. The Schmidt's garden was chosen by the Mr. Watson for consideration in the upcoming publication. We think it would be a great choice, way to go Gunter.

Afterwards we had a society meeting which covered the upcoming palm sale next month in Harlingen and covered some other adminstrative issues. We would like as many members to attend the palm sale and to donate palms to the event. Our host for the sale, Glyn Whiddon, will open up his nursery in Harlingen and will be donating 10 percent of his sales to the society. Thanks Glyn for being such a great supporter of this society. Well here are some more pictures of this month's meeting...

More Feb 03 photos

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Meeting summary and photos by John Volk.

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