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13 Dec 2008

Welcome to Ruth Merrill's in Bayview

The palm lined drive

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This month our society met at the home of Ruth Merrill in Bayview. Ruth has often hosted our annual Christmas meeting and it was once again a joy to be back at her home and garden for our largest meeting of the year. Naturally the grounds and home were wonderfully decorated for the season. The weather was perfect for socializing outdoors and viewing all of Ruth's palms. Ruth also has a fabulous resaca view which many admired. Per her usual way, Ruth put on a wonderful feast for all to enjoy. Many members brought side dishes or desserts to compliment Ruth's main dishes.

a view of the front yard

another front yard view

guest enjoying the yard

Ruth's large royal palm

view of the pool

resaca views

the resaca

Christmas tree


After lunch, we held our traditional palm-related gift exchange. With nearly 70 members present this took a bit of time to get through but everyone had a good time. Per the norm, there were many wonderful palm-related gifts to be had as well as many plants. The only society business conducted at this meeting was a recap of the up coming meetings for 2009 and the membership drive. After the exchange was complete our society members were invited over to the Sommerfrucht's home on the other side of the resaca to view Jim's garden as well as pick fresh tropical fruits.

Christmas decorations

Our host working the dinner table

members digging in to the food

members eating dinner

members enjoying the food

finishing up

Santa is in the house

Christmas nativity scene

Chairman Jon conducts gift exchange

Ed displays his gift...

members picking fruit

Ruth's wonderful living room

Our next meeting will be in Brownsville on 17 Jan 09 . Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting web page by John Volk. Photos by Ed Ladd & John Volk.

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