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Dec 2005, Meeting at Ruth's in Bay View


Mrs Santa Claus aka Ruth (Picture by Ed Ladd)

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This month we gathered for our traditional Christmas meeting and party at Ruth Merrill's home and garden. Ruth has graciously hosted this event for the past several years and we as a society are so very thankful. This usually is the largest meeting of the year and takes a lot of effort and dedication to host it. In fact, this effort is to much for one person to do and luckily, Ruth has a good friend in Joanne Echevarria who helps her each year. So we thank the both of you for being such great supporters of the society. Well as usual, members started arriving around noon for the meeting bearing gifts for the gift exchange. As members milled about and socialized, Ruth and Joanne served holiday punch. Before long it was time to eat and the members part took in the delicious foods that had been prepared. After a delicious meal, we gathered to have a brief society meeting where we covered up coming meetings, dues, and membership information. We also spoke about the 'Luau' we are planning on having in May at the Port Royal Resort in Port Aransas. We also recognized that this was Billie Harris' last meeting before moving to Oklahoma. Billie will certainly be missed and we wish her all the best in her new adventure. After the meeting was over, we got down to the gift exchange and as usual, we had some very interesting palm-related gifts to be given away. Afterwards members stayed and socialized as well as went and viewed the gardens. All of these events were captured below in pictures, hope you enjoy them. Look forward to seeing each of you in 2006...

All the gifts to be exchanged

members getting to the great food

eating the Christmas meal

The Madsens (picture by Ed Ladd)

members eating the meal

Billie Harris saying her goodbyes to John Volk (picture by Ed Ladd)

One of the first gifts of the day

John opening his gift

Ed and his present

And the last two members called out

John Dillard taking dues

Huge livistona chinesis near the front of the house

The view off the patio

Huge acoelorraphe in the front yard

One last picture....

A beautiful image and view

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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