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17 Aug 2013

Welcome to Matthew Nichols's home and garden, Dallas, Texas

street view of Matthew's house

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On 17 Aug, the Palm Society of South Texas held its first-ever society meeting in northern Texas. Matthew invited the society to his unique palm garden in Dallas and we were more then excited to accept. Matthew's garden is truly amazing for this latitude! We're confident you'll look at the meeting pictures below and not believe your eyes! Yes this is northern Texas ! His garden is a fine example of what you can do with hardy palms, cycads, cactus and yuccas. Matthew provided all the food and beverages for the meeting and our members were treated to delicious BBQ chicken and numerous side dishes!
Matthew would like to thank the following friends for all the help they provided: Quan Evans for cooking, hosting and most of all singing. David Richardson for weekends of help with yard work and preparation on many hot days leading up to the meeting. Natalie Petrilla for support, cooking and preparation. David Idar for support, cleaning and organization. Tasha Rogers for her musical talent in playing the music. Tony Cerbone and Jim James for support, leading the palm tour and being the ambassadors of North Texas palms!

After the meal we had a quick society meeting and then we were entertained to the musical talents Quan and Tasha. Afterwards we coordinated the traveling routes to see the three large Jubaeas and one Chamerhops brought in for a private garden and then on to Tony's garden, yet another amazing palm garden in Dallas. Tony was one of the first palm lovers to start planting palms in Dallas and his garden is rather mature and unique in it's own right, with many spectacular palms! We hope you enjoy all the photos taken of these two wonderful and unique gardens! Hope to see you all in the Rio Grande valley for our next meeting, in Harlingen, on 21 Sept!

front yard

front of house

multitude of palms


butiaXjubaea in front yard

Cham. Cerifera out front

members catching a little shade

palms around the pool

yuccas and flowering plants

Mexican Bird of Paradise flowers

 yuccas, cactus and palms

a BxQxJ hybrid by the pool

3 large jubaeas in a private garden

huge chamerhops in private garden

Jubara at Tony's garden

Tony's front yard

Cerifera at Tony's garden

Brahea Moorei Tony's front yard

Sabal Lisa at Tony's garden

members pose for a shot in Tony's front yard

Our next meeting will be in Harlingen on 21 Sep 2013 . Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Photos, summary, and web page by John Volk.

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