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9 Aug 2008

Welcome to Randy and Cathy Smith's in Austin

The Smiths

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August 2008 brought the society to Austin to visit the home and garden of Randy and Cathy Smith. They have been living in their home for about 12 years now which sits high on a bluff in northwestern Austin. The yard has always had a large slope to it but they have been working diligently over the past couple of years to terrace the back yard to make it more usable. Their project has come out wonderfully. They now have multiple bedding areas for their palm collection.

Per the norm, members arrived at high noon and mingled around the grounds and admired the palm and plant collection. The Smiths have an extensive cold hardy palm collection. As members socialized they enjoyed refreshing sodas, beer and 'Dr-Watsons' (tequila & tonic). Soon it was time for the first guest speaker to talk about disappearing fountains. Members sat on the shade covered manicured grass and listened to the presentation. Shortly there after we all enjoyed a wonderful luncheon prepared by the Smiths.

butia and chamerhops in front yard bed

sago next to fish fountain

Crane's guard the front door

Chain fountain on patio

After eating we had one more presentation on cold hardy palms in Austin and then we had our normal society meeting. We discussed up coming meetings as well as a treasury report. A motion was set to send a donation to the Oblate Theology School that hosted our society last month to cover some of the costs, the motion was carried and approved. A push was made for any one wanting to host a meeting next year to claim their desired month as part of the year is already booked. After the meeting concluded, some members made their way over to see fellow Austinite Clay Fischers' garden. Hope you enjoy the pictures from the meeting and we look forward to seeing some of you next month in San Antonio.

yucca and dioon in planter

windmill palms near house

Mathew listens to guest speaker

members attending talk

huge elephant ear plant

banana plants in rear yard

listening to speaker

members enjoying the shade

cacti in a lower bed

mule palm in a sunny location

members on the terrace paths

lower sunny bed with Phoenix palms

tropical looking bed

Jubaea Chilensis which was a gift from Bill Baker

details in the terrace work done by the Smiths

Our next meeting will be in San Antonio on 13 Sep. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting summary and web page by John Volk. Photos by Ed Ladd and John Volk.

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