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 18 Aug 2007

Welcome to Austin

 Palms in Austin

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This month our society visited three locations in Austin. The meeting was co-hosted by Clay Fisher and RL Frasier and we thank them for hosting. With RL staying at his house preparing the society luncheon, Clay acted as our tour guide for the first two stops. With members visiting from as far away as Dallas and Brownsville, Clay's assistance was greatly appreciated. We first went to see the fabulous garden of Joe Montgomery. Joe has been growing palms in Austin for 30 years. Many of the older specimens in his yard went through the hard freezes of the 80's. Joe's attitude about growing tropical plants is carefree, as he figures he'll plant it and see how well it does... obviously from the pictures below, many of his plants have done great! It was a pleasure to see Joe's garden, we thank him and his wife for inviting our society in.

 Fountain in the garden (by Ed Ladd)

 Joe's back yard (by Ed Ladd)

 walking the Joe's garden

 members in the garden

 group admiring the garden

 many palms

 Sabal seeds

 Copernicia Alba palm

 Joe Montgomery

 Group looking at palms

Our second stop was at Zilker Park which was surprisingly palmy. The park is rather expansive and had a number of nice gardens. The gardens had an abundance of cold hardy palms which really gave the gardens a tropical feel. Add in the bamboo and cycads and you really had to remind yourself you were in the heart of Texas. Hopefully the pictures below will convey that same feeling.

 palms (by Ed Ladd)

 palmy path (by Ed Ladd)

 palms by pond

 nice grouping of sagos

 members walking the gardens

 Trachycarpus and sagos give a tropical feel


 sabal minor and sagos under oak trees

 John Dillard in front of the falls (by Ed Ladd)

Lastly we ended up at co-host RL Frasier's home and garden for refreshing air conditioning and a wonderful meal. RL has only been in this house a short while and yet the gardens are coming along very nicely. RL is a large cycad collector and expert. Naturally his garden had many interesting cycads, which made for an interesting garden. Certainly one that is unique for central Texas. While at RL's, we ate a wonderful meal and had a short society meeting. We thank both RL and Clay for co-hosting this months meeting. All who attended, had a wonderful time.

 view of front yard (by Ed Ladd)

 frontyard (by Ed Ladd)

 side yard (by Ed Ladd)

 blue cycad (by Ed Ladd)

 blue butia

 potted plants

 cycad and palm bed

 another view of cycads

Our next meeting will be in Harlingen in Sept. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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