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August 2003, Meeting in Hempstead

Joint meeting with the Houston Society

No getting lost here... (14132 bytes)

The down home sign that lets you know your among good people....

A beautiful serona... (14132 bytes)

palms in the garden (14132 bytes)

Around 11:30, PSST and Houston members started arriving at Mango's Mexican Grille in Hempstead. Here we all enjoyed meeting each other, talking about our societies and palms, and of course enjoying some good Mexican food. Once we all finished eating, we had a quick briefing on how the rest of the day was going to play out and we also introduced a number of local and international society officers that were in attendance. Those introduced were Paul Norris (Houston Chairman), Jim Cain (IPS Director), Bill Baker (IPS Director), Jana Meiser (PSST officer/IPS webmaster), Rich Travis (PSST Editor) and yours truly, John Volk (PSST Chairman).

After the quick meeting, we all paid our bills and headed towards the nursery and gardens. Upon arrival, Carl owner of Yucca Do Nursery met us with a friendly Texas smile and a cooler full of cold water. Both of which were truly appreciated. Carl and his workers broke us up into three groups and we headed off to tour the gardens. Just as the tour was starting, Horace Hobbs, the International Palm Society Chairman joined us for the garden tour. After the garden tour, most of the members visited Yucca Do nursery (adjoining the gardens) and found a great selection of plants to behold and purchase of course... the selection and size of plants as well as the prices at Yucca Do were fantastic. Below you will find a number of pictures from Yucca Do and Peckerwood Gardens, I hope you enjoy them.

Paul checking out the Sabals (15069 bytes)

Up near the house in the garden (15069 bytes)

a beautiful syagrusXbutia palm... (15069 bytes)

Yucca cactus in the garden (15069 bytes)

Serona palm in garden(15069 bytes)

varigated yucca cactus (15069 bytes)

Braheas and agave garden (15069 bytes)

woodlands garden (15069 bytes)

Blake wondering down a garden path (15069 bytes)

beautiful sabal uresana (15069 bytes)

Page 2 of Peckerwood Gardens

Meeting summary and photos by John Volk.


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