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8 Apr 2011

Romeo and Linda Montalvo in Brownsville

 a path through the garden

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Our April 2011 meeting was hosted by Romeo and Linda Montalvo. Our hosts have a beautiful backyard and were generous in providing the catered noon meal. The home is located on a resaca and has many palms as well as other plants to explore and enjoy. The weather was clear and relatively cool. Food was great as usual. After lunch, we had a short PSST meeting covering up coming events as well as future meetings. John Dillard our treasurer read off the treasury report and gave status on expenditures. The highlight of this month’s meeting was a featured speaker, Larry Noblick, Palm Biologist from the Montgomery Botanical Center located in Miami, Florida. Larry Noblick was in Brownsville for the 5th Annual RGV Urban & Community Forestry Conference. We were fortunate that he was available for a special talk. Larry's talk was very interesting. His methods included comparing physical leaf structures amongst the palms was very fascinating. His research included cross sections of a leaflet to see the internal structure, and allowed him to see similarities among a genus and obvious differences. He also correlated DNA findings with the anatomy which supported his theory of many more species of Syagrus then had previously been reported. Larry’s talk was hosted by Dr. Robles at his home and was able to accommodate a large gathering. After the meeting and talk was adjourned, some members stuck around to enjoy the wonderful April afternoon. We thank once again, Romeo and Linda Montalvo and Robert and Perla Robles, for opening up their homes and gardens to the society members. We enjoyed the visit

a restful spot

some winter damage

 view from the resaca

our Chairman and guest speaker

Carol and Jana

 posing by the pool

 getting ready for chow

 catching some shade

 listening to the presenation

Our next meeting will be at the Palmetto State Park on 14 May 11. Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Photos by Ed Ladd & Louis Forrai. Summary by Louis Forrai. Web page by John Volk.

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