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10 Apr 2010

Romeo and Linda Montalvo's garden

gorgeous tropical blossom

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tropical garden feel

a place to kick back and relax

bismarkia palm

fronds of bismarkia

On April 10, approximately 65 PSST members and guests met at the home of Romeo and Linda Montalvo. The Montalvos’ house is situated on a beautiful resaca with extensive grounds fully landscaped with palms and other tropical plants. Members toured the grounds at leisure with Romeo explaining many of the plantings. The Montalvos provided a complete barbecue lunch, including drinks, and members brought an impressive array of desserts. After the delicious lunch, a brief business meeting was conducted by Suzie Watson, Ed Ladd, and John Dillard. Future meetings were discussed, and the calendar for 2010 is now full except for the Christmas party in December.

And speaking of our traditional Christmas meeting/party, at this months meeting, we heard the sad news that our traditional host for our Christmas party, Ruth Merrill, had passed away. Ruth was a long time member of PSST and truly loved palms and Christmas; and as such, always had a blast combining these loves, as she hosted many of our Christmas parties of the past. Ruth and her gentle way will always be remembered and PSST Christmas' won't ever be the same... we'll miss you Ruth!

Ruth Merrill

Following the business meeting, a plant exchange was held for those who had brought plants. Because of the perfect weather, many members stayed to visit with one another or to tour the grounds again. Our next meeting will be on May 8 at David Glover’s Tejas Tropicals nursery near Cleveland, Texas.

garden path way

garden art amongst the palms

Uvaldo and Suzie say adios till next month...

Our next meeting will be in Cleveland on 8 May 10 . Look forward to seeing you at one of the up coming meetings.

Photos by Ed Ladd. Meeting summary by John Dillard. Web page by John Volk.

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