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21 Apr 2007

Welcome to the Montalvo's in Brownsville

 bismarkia leaves(by Ed Ladd)

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 leaves of the fishtail palm (by Ed Ladd)

 ginger flowers (by Ed Ladd)

This month we were hosted by Romeo and Linda Montalvo of Brownsville. Romeo has been an avid palm lover and collector for many years now and his garden reflects this passion. Romeo is always looking to add to his collection as well as push the envelope on plants that can make it in south Texas. This collection of palms along with the landscape art and the resaca setting makes for one beautiful garden.

Per the norm, members arrived around noon and socialized until the catered luncheon was served. As always, Romeo was gracious enough to provide all the food for the luncheon. Members ate their fill and enjoyed the afternoon. Afterwards, vice Chairman Ed Ladd conducted a society meeting in which a treasury report was given and future meetings were discussed. Additionally, more information was provided on the Robert Riffle Memorial bench we were purchasing and having shipped to Mercer Gardens in Houston. We are planning a ceremonial meeting in June to dedicate the bench at Mercer Gardens. Stay tuned for more info as we progress with this project.

After the meeting, Romeo not only conducted an auction but also gave garden tours to the members. We hope the pictures below give those of you that couldn't make it an insight to how the meeting went. We hope you'll be able to make the next meeting at Rick Bassett's garden in Harlingen. Enjoy the stills below...

 sago in the garden (by Ed Ladd)

 spines of acrocomia (by Ed Ladd)

 getting ready to feast (by Ed Ladd)

 shot from across the inviting pool (by Ed Ladd)

  Alice establishing the initial bid(by Ed Ladd)

 Romeo auctioning off a bismarkia (by Ed Ladd)

members checking out the palms on the tour (by Ed Ladd)

Romeo speaks about his acrocomia (by Ed Ladd)

 members enjoying the beauty of a bismarkia (by Ed Ladd)

 Romeo speaking about his palms/plants (by Ed Ladd)

 bismarkia palm (by Ed Ladd)

 sabal species (by Ed Ladd)

 blooming palm (by Ed Ladd)

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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