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April 2006 meeting in Santa Elena hosted by Elizabeth Burns


A view of one of the new gardens

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The month of April brought us to a new garden out in the north central portion of the valley. Elizabeth and her family have only been living here for a relatively short time and have already made great head-way in converting this once barren yard into an oasis. As members arrived they first happen upon a wonderfully refreshing shade pond in this rather aired part of south Texas. The combination of the pond and the shade of near by trees, gives the family a retreat from the blazing sun.

Members gather in the front yard as they arrive

Horse crippler cactus in the front yard cactus garden

Elizabeth and her family treated the guest to a bountiful and tasty lunch. After everyone got their fill, we sat around and had a society meeting. We discussed relevant society issues like up coming meetings/openings as well as the notion of conducting a survey of the members to assess the proper amount to donate to the Brownsville Botanical Garden project. After much interest and discussion, it was noted that there is a lot of diversity in the opinions and as such a survey is truly in order. The officers will work on this survey and have it sent to the membership body in the months to come. We also spoke about the up coming luau (celebrating our 10th anniversary) and the requirements to get reservations made (with members names identified) to the hotel. We also discussed the costs to the members (as well as guests) and the potential meal to be provided. We believe this is going to be a meeting to remember and hope all that have made reservations will be able to attend. Like to take this opportunity to thank Wes, Ed, John and Jana for all of their efforts in putting this together. It's taken a lot of work, time and effort on their part. A big Thank You!

New plantings of phoenix hybrid palms

Ample shade under the oaks

Another shady spot under this huge grape vine

New planting of washingtonias

Mexican Olive tree flower

After the meeting ended many members stuck around to enjoy the shade of the trees and enjoy the afternoon. We want to thank Elizabeth and her family for hosting the society meeting and look forward to coming back some day to check on the progress of all the new plantings.

The beauty of a cactus bloom

A rare red bloom on a prickly cactus

We hope you've enjoyed the pictorial of the meeting. We look forward to seeing you at the luau.

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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